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 It produces clear differences in the three-dimensional sound and response of the strength and intensity of the lower and upper zone.

This is not a tone control or EQ, it is nothing seen before. This is a function of the DREI tech. and works in the analogue domain without any kind digital circuits.


Now we can adapt perfectly the overall sound of your audio system by increasing the synergy between the components. The immediate result is greater dimensionality and naturalness.


The stereo sound is three-dimensional, with depth, height and openness. The effective dynamic control (SYNERGY) establishes priorities for the impulse response of each of the different preamps or parallel buffers for each channel allowing perfect synergy within your complete system, optimizing the performance of the room and the speakers so that the result is neutral and real as possible.

The DREi Micro LEDs are used to indicate the synergy position.

It is controlled by the cental button and remote control.


Topology DREi by Neutral Audio



DREi dynamically control by a number of buffers or preamps to mix a monophonic signal. With an external control this allows the user to adjust the Synergy of the system by controlling the priorities of the DREi on these buffers and so getting the best performance for all amplification and speakers.


The frequency response is affected by the chosen position. The "NORMAL" position disables the control and a linear curve is obtained in the response. This is an interesting added feature on these models.


DREi´s internal always operate fully and is indifferent to this setting.


As shown in this graph, with a simple frequency difference can be + 2dB, but is smaller with music that gets a more dynamic DREi behavior.

Both PRO Models have external switches. The X-DREI PRO model  is analogue and a microprocessor controls the DREi PRO. The DREi PRO has a screen to visualize the settings.


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