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Power supply of extreme purity.


12 volt DC output, excellent performance and very low noise for use in audio and video sources that require a non switching power supply, for any brand


Maximum current of 1300mA, but is recommended for use in devices that consume less than 800mA, especially if it is audio. Ideal for converters, servers, phono preamps, etc.


An audible alarm is activated in case of overload or short circuit.


Smooth front lighting in blue to indicate proper operation.


Especially recommended for our range of CABLES DREi.

It is supplied with the X-CABLE

The perfect replacement for the power supplied as standard



 1300mA (Max 800mA recommended).

 Electronic board gold plated

 Buzzer protection against overload and short circuits.

 External connection IEC grounded

 External Fuse

 Switch off

 Sealed and insulated transformer

 Linear stabilized and regulated Topology

 Indoor use only in ventilated area

All cords are located at the back for ease of location. Includes an IEC connection to the mains, external fuse and switch off.

IMPORTANT: It is supplied with a DC plug 5.5x2.5 mm. center positive, if you need another type of connection, please indicate.



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