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Attenuates Intermodulation, recovers sinusoidal symmetry, increases the separation between voices, instruments and frequency groups, clarifies the entire sound spectrum before amplifying.


Among audio professionals there are no half truths, either it works or it doesn't work.

Try it out at your next concert and find out that everything sounds even better.

A powerful tool for those looking to be the best

DREi technology
Dinamic reduction of Electronic Interactions
Harmonic Distortion Neutralizer
Redraw waves




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Neutral Audio

Not a DSP

 Not a EQ

  Not a DAC

   Not a DRC

    Not a Filter


     Never heard

      anything like this.

DJ, PA, Mix, In-Ears, Monitors, Musicians, Preamps, discos,  etc.

· Available in  a 19 "/ 1U chassis rack with a painted metal finish and an anodized aluminum front panel.

· Input and output balanced plugs with XLR and fixed connections.

· Incorporated Synergy Control switch on the front panel.

· Lock and AutoDemo functions

· Can be used as bridge to extend long cable networks.

· With this model you can apply for our brand use certificate.

· 115vca/230vca voltage adjustable on the rear panel.

· Can be used as a bridge to long length cables.


Its extraordinary control over the total energy input to amplifiers allows higher levels of sound pressure.

Specially recommended for live sound

The insertion of this technology provides higher performance audio system helping to achieve the best live sound.

Includes 5 synergy control positions to optimize the overall response of the sound system and the concert hall.

When turned off, the inputs are diverted to the outputs. So you can easily and instantly check the power of the DREi process.

DREi Tech.

Synergy Control

Bypass real

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