DREi technology
Dinamic reduction of Electronic Interactions
Harmonic Distortion Neutralizer
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Not a DSP

 Not a EQ

  Not a DAC

   Not a DRC

    Not a Filter


     Never heard

      anything like this.

In the original musical signal there are accumulated anomalies that deteriorate the sound. Intermodulation, asymmetry, interferences, electronic noise, alterations in the waveforms, non-sinusoidal, etc.

These abnormalities are small, but once amplified severely restrain the electromagnetic behaviour of the speakers, and the the passive filters. The final sound is not as desired, producing a muddled and inaccurate soundstage, altered timbre, cancelling out micro-details, with a sensation of compressed or limited audio and heavy, exaggerated or slow bass .


Neutral DREi is connected before the amplifier. Its analogue process helps with these abnormalities, giving a pure musical signal optimized for amplification and  to be faithfully reproduced by dynamic speakers. It can achieve a detailed,  pure, neutral and crystal clear sound, as well as music reproduction without listening fatigue.


· Technology exclusively developed for Neutral Audio

· 100% analogue, no digital process affects the audio signal.

· Completely transparent to the user, “Plug & Play”

· Available for Professional and domestic High-End users.

· Specially recommended for live sound and musical reproduction, being most advisable for large setups, where Neutral DREi demonstrates its full capacity due to the complexity of setups and many speakers.

· Reduces artefacts and amplifies only musical content.

· Improves analogue signals coming from digital sources.

· Easer mixing and helps with intermodulation.

· With a Synergy control to adjust the buffers (3)  or preamps response which DREi uses on the output, to obtain the best performance of the complete system. (depends on model)




In this video you can check visually how a complex audio signal (digitally generated pink noise) behaves with a DREi module.


Look the further definition of lines, the wide space between strokes , the complete symmetry of the output signal, rounding of non-sinusoidal waveforms. It improves speaker’s natural electro-mechanical behaviour.

Daily, sound engineers and technicians work to reduce inevitable intermodulation produced in electronic components and between nearby frequencies. DREi can help with these sorts of intermodulation, making it a powerful tool for achieving optimal sound.


You can observe in the image how it restores symmetry in the signal and, more over, the achieved definition is simply extraordinary.

An ASYMETRIC signal passed through DREi and its completely SYMETRIC OUTPUT.


The movement of the speaker cone will be electrically identical in both directions, using the energy from the amplified DREi signal, and not through its own mechanical suspension, slower and less precise .

Neutral Audio wave simmetrical

Imágenes y mediciones de SOS

Regarding the final sound:


· Appearance of small details, now stronger an with unprecedented cadence.

· Perfect reverb tails

· Clarifies big orchestral and choral masses

· Better three-dimensionality

· More natural sound, with further harmony between instruments

· Well defined soundscape

· More relaxed sound and less listening fatigue

· Greater separation between complex instruments

· Vocals with a greater presence and realism

Where to connect?

Cuadro de texto: SYNERGY
DREi PinkNoise from Neutral Audio
deIntermodulator & Speaker Optimizer

Try Neutral DREi for yourself or with live sound. You can verify it does what we say it does.



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