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Exclusivity and Power for BI Amplify


2 powerful stages with high-resolution 2.1-way analog crossover.

Universal, for all types of boxes with passive filters and customizable to make them active.

Modern, robust and reliable construction, designed to provide years of excellent sound, with the best high-end audio components. Silver plated speaker connectors and cables, double thickness gold and copper plated main board, tin / silver solder, anodized aluminum chassis, 10mm and 3mm front panels, stainless steel internal grille.


What are the standard settings?


HIGH: from 150Hz to 100Kz, for midrange and treble speakers.

LOW: 1 to 1500Hz with SUB switch at 0, or 45 to 1500Hz with SUB switch at 1, for subwoofers.


These cutoff filters are universal, and overlapping, optimized to work well with virtually every box on the market. At no additional cost you can indicate the cutoff frequencies you need in your purchase and we will send it to you personalized.


You can request new cutoff frequencies in the future, for a small cost we send circuits with the new specifications, which are very easy to insert inside. This 2.1-way AMP can be updated to version 3.1 (price on request).


How are the levels of each output adjusted?


They are already shipped adjusted, but the user can modify the output level of each channel with a small flat screwdriver, turning the potentiometers on the rear panel marked with G (general gain) H / L / S.


Power and Performance:


It does not use heavy transformers, because they are large, noisy, hot and inefficient. Instead it incorporates 2 power supplies with 1000W total, high performance (over 90%), switched, specifically designed for audio, and capable of delivering rapid consumption peaks of more than 2200W on time. It uses a total of 12 regulated sources, and an extremely pure isolator for filter circuits that keeps noise levels at exceptional values.


The powerful bass channel delivers 400W continuous, 150W the Mid and Treble, at 4 ohms, with peaks that can double this power. They can handle impedances of up to 1 ohm. Very low distortion, excellent signal-to-noise ratio, excellent control and dynamics, and above all very low heat, due to its high efficiency.


Alongside the output circuits it mounts large capacitors with 60,000UF of extra capacity, just where they are needed for fast transients, and with a soft start system.


Several SERVO circuits constantly monitor the DC OFFSET while maintaining DC levels close to zero, useful for achieving extremely high resolution and micro information in the power outputs and preventing unnecessary heating in the power transistors.


A design without a micro controller monitors the safety parameters, indicating the detected anomalies by means of the color of the light circle of the central switch. Warns when it is at 90% power (close to clipping). Auto-off protection, in case of serious failure or excessive heating. Decoupling and speaker protection.


INPUTS, balanced XLR and RCA, 1Vrms for maximum power. The selection is made with the RCA switch (orange rear led on). Connecting a 3.5mm Jack. Between AMPs on the TRIGGER RCA, they will all switch at the same time. It can also be switched with a 12VDC signal on this connector, for example, from an AV receiver, integrating two different preamp systems into the AMP, or a home theater system with a music system.


HPF, 25Hz high pass filter, useful for lightening bass pressure, or for vinyl tapping (subsonic).


SUB OUT RCA, to connect an active subwoofer, already filtered in the internal crossover.


SUB MONO RCA, connecting an RCA cable between two AMPs mixes the two mono sub channels. Exclusive function and very useful for a perfect 3.1 configuration with 1 or 2 subs.


REM POWER, when connecting a 3.5mm Jack, the AMP will remain in STANDBY until it receives a 12VDC trigger signal. They must all be connected in series, and they will light up with a few seconds of delay between them so as not to overload the domestic electrical line due to its great power during startup.


GROUND, connects the chassis to a virtual ground or to the electrical network, can eliminate loop noise, but without losing the security provided by the ground connection.


Measures 454x425x125cm. Weight 13.2 Kg. Color Black

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400W + 150W


Neutral Audio


Why is it unique?


Its 4th order Linkwitz-Riley high-resolution analog CROSSOVER (filter) separates sound into 2 groups of frequencies. Ideal for an ACTIVE speaker system, or in your case, the internal passive filter of the boxes will influence the final response much less, obtaining better sound, greater detail and resolution.