This is not a preamp, it has no volume control and no input selector.

X-DREi HiEnd DeIntermodulator


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You will get the highest performance from your speakers, you will hear music without ear fatigue and you will hear more detail from your favorite recordings, without changing your equipment.

Do you know what music really sounds like? Add a Neutral DREi to your audio system and find out.











2 990

6 external high performance buffers operating in parallel.

The insertion of this technology provides greater performance with sound and music flowing naturally, softly, neutral and crystal clear.

Includes an exterior 6-position Synergy control switch to optimize the sound of your speakers and listening room.

DREi connect

When turned off, the inputs are deviated  to the outputs. So you can check instantly and easily the DREi processing power.

Includes a headphone amplifier with an independent volume control.

DREi Tech.X-Serie


Synergy control

Headphone amp

Bypass real


· 6 parallel output buffers. Reference Series.

· Designed to be inserted between preamp and power amp (best option) or between the source and preamp.

· Inputs and outputs XLR balanced / unbalanced RCA

· Headphone high-quality amplifier with automatic disconnection of speakers.

· Incorporates an external Synergy Control switch.

· The output does not gain but is equal to the input.

· It can operate in dual mono, duplex 1 for each channel using an internal switch. So you have 4 identical outs for each X-DREI (2 RCA + 2 Bal.)

· ACTIVE RCA Adapter to Balancers and vice versa

· Goes into “Bypass” when turned off, diverting inputs to the output.

· Can be used for bi-amping with two simultaneous outputs. So it can output to a second amplifier in another room.

DREi technology
Dinamic reduction of Electronic Interactions
Harmonic Distortion Neutralizer
Redraw waves


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