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If you are looking to try a TEST BOARD PCB for DREi ALL INSIDE, please email us or send us this form and a Neutral Audio Representative will contact you as soon as possible.


We are grateful for the confidence you have shown us by deciding to include our D.R.E.i technology in your system and we are sure you will not be disappointed. Do not hestitate to contact our technical staff whenever you need to.

· The TEST BOARD will only be supplied to audio producers or designers. Once the details suppied by e-mail are verified Neutral Audio wiil let you know if you have been accepted and send you a pro-forma invoice. Neutral Audio reserves the right to decide who they supply.


· The TEST BOARD has no guarantee of any kind as it is for experimentation.



· Our agreement to ship a TEST BOARD does not imply any contractual relationship between the parties or any obligation present or future.



· If you have any doubts about the legal conditions or conditions of use of this product do not hesitate to consult us.


· Your details may be used to keep you informed about novelties. If you do not wish to be kept informed please tell us in your message. Your details will never be passed to third parties.



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